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I normally post all book related content from book reviews to those booknerd-problem images that I find on Tumblr and on Pinterest. But this time I want to do a movie opinion post. If you do not like it then this will be the only one I’ll do. But I just feel it in my heart to get this one out there. Technically it is sort of book related too since there is a book published by these people that the movie is about. There is even a podcast that they do. I will leave a link to the podcast here:

If that link doesn’t work then just search for freedom writers podcast on any of your favorite listening apps. Castbox just happens to be the one that I use.

Now, you may have guessed from that link that this review is about the movie The Freedom Writers. It is a movie that is staring Hilary Swank. I cannot tell you how many times I have watched this movie. I even went on Ebay and bought the book. It is just amazing. The movie goes into more detail then the book but both are still really amazing. I will say that we need more teachers in classrooms to be more like Erin Gruwell. She made sure that her students were safe even to the point if letting them stay late so they could make it home safe. That meant really late nights for her.

This is the movie cover.
And this is the book.

In case you have never seen the movie or read the book, it is about these kids that society has basically given up on just because they are part of gangs and other violence that takes place in their town of Long Beach. Until one new teacher tries her best to get them to do even their schoolwork. She was challenged by her own colleagues to at least try to get her students to get along without fighting every single day.

I’m not going to say too much more otherwise I’ll spoil it. Just her attitude in getting her students to prove everyone from her colleagues to even their own families wrong. This movie makes me tear up every single time I watch it.

Even the book is great. I promise that once you start reading it, you will not want to put it down. I read it in one day. Granted I read all the time. (I even read game of thrones in one day when I first got it.) You can find me on Facebook (book nerdess) and Instagram. (Crazy book lady) if you do either watch the movie or read the book, please feel free to let me know your thoughts. I would love to know

Beach Read Review

I know that it has been a good few days since posting a book review but I have been reading, or at least trying to, I promise. My excuses are that my glasses broke (both nose and ear pieces) and I have to find who I got them from to get more. Let’s just say that it has been awhile since I have gotten a new pair. And my other excuse is that I found an old pair of contacts that I can wear but I am currently waiting to go to the store to get more solution. The solution that I had was out of date and almost made my eye swell shut.

*I strongly suggest that if any of you out there who read my blog, keep up with the expiration dates on your contact solution. Do not, I repeat DO NOT use it if it is even one year out of date. It will mess your eyes up. Mine were red, watering, swelled up and hurting so bad that I could feel my eye pulsing. I don’t want you to have to go through something like that.*

Now, if you are still with me this far, I thank you for one and two let’s get on with the review! I have watched a lot if other people’s reviews of this book on YouTube. Most of them say that this book gets boring or lagging in parts of the story. But honestly I think they say that because they expect cutesy romance that is typical of contemporary romance stories but this one had a little weight to it. That probably disappointed them but it was a surprise to me. I enjoyed it though. This book looked like it was going to be a light and fluffy read but it actually had some weight to it. January ached for her father and Gus was wallowing in his own misery up until he and January met up again at that book club.

I can most definitely say that I felt for both these characters in so many ways. The heartache and the happiness. I just loved it. Highly recommend giving this book a try


I am so sorry that I’ve been gone for these past six days but I just could not put this book down. Mrs.Feehan has done it to me again. She is such a queen when it comes to writing intriguing stories. My heart definitely went out to the entire Ferraro family in this one. Especially Taviano and Nicoletta.

This is only a guess but from the introduction of other family members, this series just might continue. Although I don’t see how my heart could take it. And I admit that I actually wanted to both choke and hug their mother all at the same time. So crazy. Sorry if any of this spoils anything for you all. If you have not read this book or this series yet then wtf are you waiting for?????

That being said. I shall return to my books now. I just had to pop in and get that off my chest so that you can see my thoughts. Like if you agree

Because of reading #1

I don’t know about you but every single time this question comes up, I freeze. A million books pop up in my head and I cannot choose a single one. I could pick a single author but a single favorite book is a nope. I find that I can relate to so many of these “because of reading” or “booknerd problems “

If you want to see more of these posts,let me know in the comments.

Slump or Momentum?

Hello again fellow readers!

Today I wanted to pop in here and talk to you about this weird mood that I have been in. it feels like the start of a reading slump but at the same time feels energetic and wanting to read all the books. not sure if that makes any sense to you but it is the best way I can describe it. I want to reread some of my favorite series to catch up my very poor memory before I read the newest releases. at the same time I want to read something new or different. I want to try new authors but I also want to read my beloved authors. as you can probably guess…I am very confused.

some of my favorite authors have released or are going to release soon, new books within series I already own. but ,thanks to booktube, there are books that I have been adding to my wish list that sound amazing. what do you do in this situation? have any of you experienced this mood before? any tips would be very helpful right now.

my current reading choices are to either continue with the next book in the reread of the Hannah Swenson series by Joanne Fluke or jump right into These Violent Delights by Cloe Gong. I cannot for the life of me make up my mind!!!!so I am asking you, my fellow readers which would you choose?

Another book review

I literally just finished this book last night. It is so good. I do see why it is considered to be banned from time to time but at the same time it definitely should be a classic. It should also be one of those books read by both high school and college as part of their Lit class.

This book actually got me thinking and actually scared me. You have no idea how hard scaring me is. I love thrillers and horror movies. None of them have scared me yet. But this book has. The scary thing about it is that it has the possibility to be very real. Especially now with the government we currently have, trying to change everything so much so fast. I promise you will not be disappointed when reading it. And on the plus side, it isn’t very long. If you get the anniversary edition,as I did. There is a section in the back where there are reviews and opinions from other authors (including Margaret Atwood who is the author of the handmaid’s tale) so I encourage you to read this book.

Booknerd problem 625

I for one get so so mad when this happens to me. But this is also where I learned the value of magnetic bookmarks too. They don’t come out easily and if they do, I have time to memorize the page I was on so that it can be put back. If you have not tried magnetic bookmarks, I encourage you to. They are small, they don’t stick out of your book and they are hard to knock out by accident.

Book or movie first?

Have you ever been asked if you’ve seen the movie version of a certain book but you really wanted to read the book,or books, first?

I admit that I sometimes watch the movie first on some just to see if it is worth buying the book for. This is coming from someone on a limited budget so I really carefully screen (no pun intended) my books before buying them. I really do not like buying a book, get all excited for it only to have it be a total fail.

Some examples are The exorcist, twice in a blue moon, the mortal instruments books 1 and 2 and 3. I was interested in them but the exorcist just turned out to be pretty boring, twice in a blue moon was too predictable and the first three mortal instruments books just did not hold up the hype. This is where I learned to not go by popularity of the books all the time, just occasionally and just stick with what sparks my interest and catches my eye. I have found so many good books just on that basis alone. I also have limited space where I live so I have to be careful of that as well when buying new books. Let me know which you prefer to do: watch the movie first then read the book/books or read the book/books and then watch the movie?


Ok, I want to apologize because I said I was going to post something about The Honey don’t list after finishing it but alas, I forgot and have since finished Shadow keeper as well. I am trying to make it through the books I’ve already read of the shadow rider series before I get into the two most recent that I’ve yet to read. I was doing the same with the ghostwalker series by the same author. But I seem to have abandoned that series for now in favor of the shadow riders. Maybe I’ll get back to it.

I do hope that I am not getting tired of mrs.feehan’s books. I have been a big fan of hers for a long time now and I will continue to support her as much as I can.

Now, my previous thoughts on The honey don’t list still stands even after I finished it.

That’s all for now.

Thoughts on a book

ok, this is a first for this blog but I have yet to finish the book I’m currently reading but I am itching to write SOMETHING about it! First off, it is actually pretty good. the last book was not all that great but this one I’m reading now is entertaining. I like watching home design videos usually through YouTube. I also just want to say that the main female character is a total BITCH in every sense of the word. at least… the point I have read up to anyway. She treats everyone around her like crap and still expects them all to fall in line whenever the camera lights turn on. it is crazy to even think that there are even people out there who are like that, but in real life….there are. I’ve known a few in my short thirty years of life. these certain people all live a lie and if you even try to shatter that lie or even crack it just a tiny bit, they shut you out usually.

But this post or even this blog is not about me or my life. it is about the books that I love and my sharing my thoughts about these said books to you all. The last book I have read by this author did not sit well with me. it seemed too predictable to me. too cut and dry. too straight laced. but then again, I mostly read paranormal romance or romantic suspense so normal romantic contemporary books ninety percent of the time do not cut it for me. they mostly have to have some sort of unique element to them. like the current read where it is mostly about the assistants rather then the married tv stars. or the other series that I love which is the Virgin River series by Robyn Carr. (and who cannot resist the Netflix adaptation of that series?)

Anyways, this post was more of a rant and spilling of thoughts more then anything else. I’ll give more of a review later on when I’ve actually completed the book. If you have not figured out what it is I am reading then check out the image below otherwise, if you have figured it out then good for you. happy reading and more later! As always, feel free to leave a comment on your thoughts to the book I talk about or your thoughts on anything I post


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